Lisa Hannigan - I Don't Know (Hoop Recordings)

Katy Ratican | Tuesday, 09 June 2009

Lisa Hannigan - I Don't Know (Hoop Recordings)

'I Don't Know', the first track to be taken from Hannigan's debut album Sea Sew is not for those who appreciated Damien Rice's melancholic moods; remember, Hannigan was the one who lifted those tracks just above depressing.

This song relays Hannigan's thoughts of wanting to get to know someone; it doesn't help her cause that it's a complete stranger. However, that isn't going to stop her from thinking about them: "I don't know what you smoke/Or what countries you've been to/If you speak any languages other than your own/But I'd like to meet you". It turns out she doesn't know anything about the person in question, but is more than happy to express that.

The collaboration of horns and strings force this track to appear sunny, light and generally pleasant. However, those who followed Hannigan's adventures with Rice will feel a tad short-changed; her vocals don't come across quite as strong as before and halfway through the track appear a little twee.

As such a well-respected singer/songwriter, you'd hope that Hannigan is above writing about love and all other such fairytales. On this showing, she's not, indicating she's got no intention of changing her direction now she's left Rice's band.

The track is simple, innocent and direct, but with its sugary feel, it's more like a guilty pleasure for home listening than an outright hit you'd share with friends.

Rating: 3/5