Caspa - BM Soho, London (04/06/2010)

Laura Bruneau | Wednesday, 09 June 2010

Caspa - BM Soho, London (04/06/2010)

Down in the depths of BM Soho's basement, the walls were lined with Dubstep and D&B. Slowly but surely, the vinyl addicts started to creep down the rickety staircase to line up and wait for the arrival of the ghost du jour. Hidden down a side road off of Wardour Street, the record store was gradually stuffed to the teeth with club mad freaks just hankering for a solid bassline.

Last Friday they had a very specific craving in mind. Piling up as high as the records themselves, a mix of every student, skiver and dubstep junkie in a 10 mile radius gravitated towards the live performance of Caspa's new mix CD 'My Style'. Having had quite a prolific year since the release of his album, Everybody's Talking, Nobody's Listening, Caspa's been remixing and releasing tunes left, right and centre. However, the last time he actually released a mix compilation like My Style, was about 3 and a half years ago with Rusko for Fabric.

Anticipation for this live rendering of his latest work was therefore, naturally, palpable and sent electricity through whatever air might still have been left in the room once the crowds had assembled. Caspa managed to keep them waiting just long enough before he took to the decks and spent the next hour spinning tunes to make your eardrums melt.

It was pleasure to see the man work and pay attention to his craft. What made it even better was the free cider being passed around and the endless t-shirts, badges, stickers and other assorted goodies on offer. Somehow, in under an hour, Caspa had managed to turn an unremarkable, tiny, basement into one of the dirtiest, sweatiest clubs you could possibly imagine, and for that he should be saluted.

With the cramped conditions, live MC, and Caspa's friendly ghost attitude to the fans, it felt simultaneously like a proper club performance but with the intimacy of a house party. Audience members were not just a detached, observing body but instead interacted with the performers and became part of the show themselves.

Finishing up with a few extra tracks, begged for by the crowd, Caspa hung around after his set to sign t-shirts, poster and flyers and chat to his fans about the music, secret shows and the joys of being a Chiswick boy.

Rating: 4.5/5