Graffiti6 - Soho House (Basement), London (04/06/2010)

Laura Bruneau | Sunday, 06 June 2010

Graffiti6 - Soho House (Basement), London (04/06/2010)

On one of those rare days where the capital starts to blaze and it is finally hot enough to sunbathe in Soho Square, you might be forgiven for wondering why anyone would want to spend their afternoon hidden away in a dimly lit basement. The answer to this conundrum is simple, it's Graffiti6.

Last Friday, Graffiti6, also known to the world as Jamie Scott and TommyD, showcased some of the songs from their new album sampler in the small, crowded, basement of the exclusive members' club, Soho House. Despite the sunshine outside, this dark, yet elegant, setting proved the perfect venue for the chilled out acoustic set from the guys.

An unassuming bunch of blokes with a refreshing lack of ego or pretension, it was a pleasure to see them own the stage in jeans and t-shirts. Graffiti6's informality and proximity to their audience made the whole performance a very intimate affair. Adding to the overall sense of well-being was the free food and drink that filled your stomach as the music filled your soul.

With a mix of folksy, British country music, Graffiti6 are reminiscent of bands like the Hazey Janes that seem to capture the feeling of hazy, summer afternoons spent lounging in the park. Rejecting the cult of cool that has dominated most pop music, these guys have been around for too long to buy into hipsterish trends or fads. Instead, they seem to have gone back to basics and returned to a style somewhat like the indie bands of the 90s that followed in the wake of Britpop.

Only performing a short set at this showcase, they spent time afterwards mingling with the crowd, chatting and swapping stories as well as making connections. Nibbling on some of the miniature fish and chips, and other assorted canap├ęs, it was interesting to observe their easy, if sometimes reserved way with people. What was most striking about the music was that same open attitude that carried through into their general demeanours.

For those of you keen to catch them play live, they'll be playing a number of dates in London as well as Coventry, Leeds and Manchester over the course of June and July, alongside their own monthly club night at Vibe bar in Shoreditch.

Rating: 4/5