Mr Scruff - Koko, London (23/10/2010)

Anthony Cody | Monday, 25 October 2010

Mr Scruff - Koko, London (23/10/2010)

Andy Carthy, or Mr Scruff to his friends, is arguably one of the most amiable characters working in the music industry today. He is a man who demands the usual clich├ęs: just a 'regular guy'; someone you could have a pint with down the local; a man who genuinely 'gets' his audience. Always polite and willing to chat to his crowd, who can resist the charms and talents of such a person? And he brings a tea stall to his gigs!

Tonight Scruff played a six hour set of dub, drum and bass, funk, soul, disco, and house (the list is endless). It is refreshing for a DJ not to feel hemmed in by the notion of the genre, a progressive idea which makes for a refreshingly varied performance. One minute there is a heavy bass line bombarding your eardrums, the next and you're being subjected to salsa.

Scruff favourites were also included in the set. The atmosphere inside Koko during the brilliant 'Get A Move On' was breathtaking, with the whole crowd answering the song's demand and promptly got their move on. 'Sweet Smoke', a standout track from Scruff's fantastic album Trouser Jazz (2002), has one of the coolest beats known to man, not to mention a bass line that could start an earthquake.

All in all this was a very enjoyable night of musical eclecticism and homemade tea - an unbeatable combination!

Rating: 4/5