Jamie T- Manchester Academy (24/01/2010)

Matt Crompton | Sunday, 24 January 2010

Jamie T- Manchester Academy (24/01/2010)

It has been an interesting few months for the 24 year old singer/songwriter. After releasing, what was thought by many as one of the albums of 2009, laryngitis struck and the troubadour's tour plans were in tatters. Treays' growing army of devoted followers need not fear however as Jamie and his band The Pacemakers returned to play out a joyous set mixing old and new. 

The Academy crowd was thrust into action by three stand-out tracks from latest album Kings and Queens. 'The Man's Machine', 'Earth Wind and Fire' and '368' reverberated around the popular Manchester venue.

Treays interacted with the crowd from the off and enjoyed friendly banter with his fans, even dedicating crowd-pleaser 'If You Got The Money' to one of the chubbier members of the crowd. Throughout the gig the South Londoner made sure the crowd were on top form by encouraging both mosh pits and mass sing-a-longs.

A word of praise must go to Jamie's backing band 'The Pacemakers'. Although they may look like a rag-tag mixture picked up off the streets of Manchester's less desirable areas, they don't half know how to make a noise. The bands presence brings a new dimension to the popular tunes on display tonight. Everything is played at break-neck speed and the crowd laps up every moment.

After getting the crowd chanting along to the anthemic 'Sheila' and then getting them skanking to the Specials-esque B-side 'The Dance of the Young Professionals' Treays decided to slow it down. What followed was one of the nights most poignant moments which left just singer and guitar belting out crowd-favourite 'Back in the Game'.

The night was full of dedications with Treays declaring Humphrey Bogart and Audrey Hepburn, the coolest people ever. Punk hero Joe Strummer also gets a nod but it is Radio 1 DJ Zane Lowe, who helped propel Jamie T to stardom who gets the biggest mention.

A somewhat short set was wrapped up in style by latest singles 'Chaka Demus' and 'Sticks and Stones'. It may have came three months later than expected but it was certainly worth the wait.   

Rating: 4/5