Madcon - Liar (Bonnier/Sony BMG)

Olly Hunter | Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Madcon - Liar (Bonnier/Sony BMG)

With their previous release 'Beggin' making an impressive impact in the UK, a strong follow up is important if the pair wish to maintain their newly found position in the highly acclaimed and ever competitive playlists of the British public. Madcon's latest single, 'Liar', heeds the call.

The tremendously upbeat track has an unmistakable summer aura about it - confusing considering the release date is scheduled for 23rd February. But this is not necessarily a bad thing at all. With UK weather at its finest - the deception of seasons and the time of the year is welcomed with open arms.

'Liar' - with a combination of piano keys, hard drums, funky guitar, soulful crooning, rapping, and layer upon layer of ad libs - makes for an impressive musical cocktail. Reminiscent of OutKast hit 'Roses', the track can't help but give off a nice feel-good vibe, despite the fact that the song is about being hooked on a lying other half.

With more and more depression-inducing songs being released in their masses, it's a relief to be able to happily appreciate such a scenario rather than cry about it. The catchy chorus hook sticks in the brain as if it were an old school classic, and is repeated adequately enough to make for a drunken dance floor sing-along. Love them or hate them, expect to hear much more from Madcon.

Rating: 4/5