Malakai - Snowflake (Invada/B Block)

Olly Hunter | Friday, 12 December 2008

Malakai - Snowflake (Invada/B Block)

Malakai are described as 'really different' by the label of whom they are signed to. They promise a 'mind-bending' listen when referring to debut single 'Snowflake', but what on earth could be mind-bending about a song? The question can't help but linger.

Malakai is split into two halves, Gee on the vocals with the general limelight, and Scott at the back on the buttons. It is Scott's expertise that opens the song, the hard drums and thrashy guitar are not only very catchy, but also achieve the retro sound he seems to be aiming to achieve, backed up by the gloomy organ sample at various breaks of the song.

The vocals are brought in almost immediately after the punchy intro, and what they lack in range they seem to make up for with attitude. Rather than singing, Gee screams his vocals down the microphone, but in a subtle fashion and therefore doesn't overdo it.

The hip-hop inspired beats combined with the '60s psychedelic ideas works well. At a time where listeners are constantly looking for something new and original, this is music that could quite possibly satisfy their desires. This duo are at a very early stage of their career. Expect much more in the future from Malakai.

Rating: 3/5