Mercury Rev - Butterfly's Wings (V2 Records)

Chris Miller | Friday, 07 November 2008

Mercury Rev - Butterfly's Wings (V2 Records)

Drawing on the Rev's signature dreamy sound, 'Butterfly's Wings' almost sounds like Chris Carter's mainstream musical debut with a beat so close to the line of the X-Files theme that the lawyers will be on red alert. Sci-fi afflictions aside, the song features a strong and catchy vocal (although how you beat like a butterfly's wings is still somewhat of an enigma).

There's also an intriguing soundbite of a child's laughter, not dissimilar to a mainstream Cow&Gate advert, but let's give the talented Rev the benefit of a creative doubt this time round.

The tune is quite listenable, especially for fans of nu-wave and modern electronic. Besides, let's face it, how many people downloaded the X-Files ringtone? It's enjoyable and somewhat of a grower of  a track, but only after repeated play. In addition, the remixes that come bundled with the single don't do the track a great deal of justice and are best avoided, to be truthful.

So, what to say in summation? 'Butterfly's Wings' is memorable, fairly hummable and features a memorable piano-led piece. But most importantly, this is a welcome return from a pioneering band who are doing their all to appeal to a whole new generation of nu-wavers. 

Rating: 4.5/5