Motley Crue - Dr. Feelgood Deluxe Edition (Eleven Seven Music)

Mary Stokes | Monday, 21 September 2009

Motley Crue - Dr. Feelgood Deluxe Edition (Eleven Seven Music)

Re-released two decades after it went to the top of the Billboard Charts in the United States, Dr. Feelgood is an invite to a new generation of music fans to follow the way of the Motley Crue.

But whereas many albums would've aged over twenty years, this new re-released edition is just as relevant today, both musically and thematically, as it was back in the eighties.

Despite being less than a minute in length and written over twenty years ago, 'Terror In Tinseltown' effectively describes the burn-out culture that continues to plague the Hollywood scene. Without having to resort to lyrics, all that's needed is a well placed siren, preceded by a prolonged tyre squeal; the band make sure it's impossible to miss the social commentary. But we mustn't worry, because 'Dr. Feelgood' is on the scene.

With their inimitable loud and aggressive style of glam-metal, many of the tracks, such as 'Rattlesnake Shake', 'Kickstart My Heart' and 'Same Old Situation' will come with a wave of nostalgia. But this re-released album is as much for future fans as old rockers, as demonstrated by the band's most recent Grammy nomination for their album Saints of Los Angeles, which was released earlier this year.

The deluxe edition features a second 'bonus' disk. Described as a "smorgasbord of delights," in reality it is slightly disappointing, with four of the eight tracks merely demo versions of songs which made the final cut on the original album. While these demos may offer the Crue's core fan-base an appealing, and previously unseen, insight into their recording process, it is unlikely to appeal to a mass audience. Having said that, the second half of this bonus disk is much more satisfying, offering liver versions of some of the band's biggest hits including 'All In The Name Of Rock' and 'Girls Girls Girls.'

Put it in, turn it up loud and prepare to practise your best air guitar routine. The Motley Crue are back.

Rating: 4/5