Mr Oizo - Lambs Anger (Ed Banger)

Phillip Clark | Saturday, 03 January 2009

Mr Oizo - Lambs Anger (Ed Banger)

It's the type of music that your granny would dismiss as nothing but an awful noise. And with plenty of fuzzy beats, drones and scratches it would probably cause havoc to her hearing-aid.

Unless, of course, your granny is really into her French electro, in which case she’d welcome it with open arms. But that’s about as likely as Mr Oizo shaking off his Flat Eric label.

In the title track ‘Lambs Anger’ we’re told that it has been produced by Flat Eric himself. This track is a deeply unpleasant experience with tiny bleeps and a wretchy, crackly noise that sounds as if it's coming from a muffled construction site. The track finishes with the yellow bear being told to go back into the closet; let’s hope he stays there.

Whether the title track was made intentionally horrific as a subtle message that Mr Oizo made Eric rather than the other way round is difficult to say, but fortunately the other 16 tracks are of somewhat better quality.

There is a soothing quality on your brain whilst following all the little rhythmic patterns in tracks ‘W’ and ‘Z’, conjuring up images in your mind of all those little electrons in your head whizzing around.

‘Bruce Willis Is Dead’ is, on the other hand, relatively braindead; anyone with some average music software on their laptop could probably achieve a similar result, with its repeated vocals and siren-like wails.

The closest to dance tracks are 'Two Takes It' and 'Gay Dentists', both of which have some elements of disco that occasionally pop up amongst the female vocals that get you moving.

'Positif' heads straight back into 'flatbeat' territory with its annoying repetitiveness, which may have been the reason it was released as a single despite so many stronger songs to choose from. Some of which include the echoic wind-like whirling 'Lars Von Sen' and the bouncy-sounding - but strangely titled - 'Cut Dick'.

The multi-talented musician and re-mixer (recent work includes Scissor Sisters and Jamelia) is not going have a huge fan base, but Lambs Anger is good fun for anyone who enjoys synth heavy electronic music with a distinctively French sound.

The narrator on the trashy–sounding opening track 'Hun' seems to sum up this EP perfectly, explaining of the tracks that some are good, some are bad and some are just OK.

Rating: 3/5