Pet Shop Boys - Love Etc (Parlophone)

Maria-Theresa Nwagwu | Sunday, 22 February 2009

Pet Shop Boys - Love Etc (Parlophone)

The Pet Shop Boys collected the award for Outstanding Contribution to Music at this year's BRIT Awards, but to some this may appear as somewhat of an understatement in terms of recognising their success. The electro-pop factory that is the Pet Shop Boys has been composing hits since 1986, resulting in over 50 million record sales worldwide.

'Love Etc' is the first release from the Pet Shop Boys' tenth studio album, and has their signature written all over it. It's a smooth electro-pop composition which is essentially a medley of synthesisers, drum machines and keyboards. In addition, the track boasts some intelligent lyrics:

"I believe, call me naïve.
Love is for free (Don’t have to be)
A big bucks Hollywood star (Don’t have to drive)
A super car to get far (Don’t have to live)
A life of power and wealth (Don’t have to be) Beautiful but it helps.”

The Pet Shop Boys are in a league of their own, which makes it very difficult to compare their tracks to anything other than another Petshop Boys creation. 'Love Etc' is no 'West End Girls', but will be a sure fire hit with fans. To anybody else it will play like marmite; you’ll either love it or hate it.

It’s fair to say that the Boys' sound hasn’t evolved much in the two decades they’ve been around, however it’s apparent that the legendary duo are fully aware that their sound is not broken and thus have no intention of fixing it.

Rating: 3/5