Madcon - Beggin' (RCA)

Paul Duckett | Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Madcon - Beggin' (RCA)

Norway isn't too famous for its hip-hop acts, since Scandinavia is generally known better for its pop and dance than rap. Looking to change all that is Madcon.

With a band name short for Mad Conspiracy, these boys from Oslo have had mega success in their homeland through their domestic collaborations, including 'Beggin'', which hit the top of the Norwegian charts. They're currently attempting to spread their message around Europe with this easy-listening track from album So Dark The Con Of Man.

Covering a Four Seasons song from the '60s, new beats and rhymes make for an intriguing update to the tune. The background groove has a real hint of a track from Mark Ronson's Versions album. If you look at his sales that could be seen as a good thing, but it's more like you've heard it all before.

The tempo and lyrics are made for radio, but because the style is so very '90s commercial rap, there's nothing original to make you sit up and style. The flow is predictable and with so much originality in the genre currently, it really doesn't compete.

'Beggin'' has nothing to say and it passes by without you giving it a second thought. It's rap by numbers - and the numbers don't add up.

Rating: 1.5/5