Simply Red - Go Now (

Chris Miller | Friday, 07 November 2008

Simply Red - Go Now (

A cover of Bessie Banks' and later the Moody Blues, 'Go Now' appears as a single on recent album Simply Red 25 - The Greatest Hits and was probably selected more for aptness than musical notoriety.

Featuring an upbeat melody and a modern production on a very sombre number, Hucknall of course takes all the lead over a trumpet-led backing, although with Simply Red one can't assume the musician is real as opposed to a machine. It's not exactly an unusual direction from a band that is known for pillaging the classics but still, it doesn't quite rank with their cover of 'Sunrise'.

The song's production is classic Simply Red - trying to make itself as appealing to the ill-informed listener as possible, clad in a musically metaphorical little black dress, intoxicating amounts of perfume and copious volumes of make-up.

Does it work? Not really. The Moody Blues version has more of that heartbreaking style that the song was written with and sounds much more relevant, too.

This is the musical equivalent of the colonization of Africa with absolutely no consideration for the heritage and culture of the tune. Hucknall has certainly taken his eye off the ball recently and if anyone is stupid enough to buy their fourth Greatest Hits album, then more fool them.

Rating: 1/5