AC Slater feat. Ninjasonik - Take You (Party Like Us Records)

Laura Bruneau | Friday, 04 June 2010

AC Slater feat. Ninjasonik - Take You (Party Like Us Records)

AC Slater seems to follow the principle that the more choice you give people then the more likely it is that they'll find something they'll like, with new single 'Take You' featuring Ninjasonik. With no less than eight remixes on this single, there should be ample opportunity for people to pick and choose till they find the version that suits them best.

Unusually for this kind of release, the remixes aren't just filling up space for the sake of it, repeating exactly the same material. Instead there are groupings with different ranges of variation. The first three tracks have much subtler differences and might lull you into a sense of disbelief in the variety on offer. Persevere, and you'll see just what you're missing as you move further and further through the remixes.

Instead of providing us with a one size fits all club track, AC Slater has taken that frustration away and tailored the different versions to different styles and crowds. What all the tracks seem to share is the high, disco-esque, female chorus vocals and the steady 4/4 drum beat underpinning the whole piece. The more engaging of the remixes also include MC vocals from Ninjasonik that add a punchier edge.

Variety may be the spice of life, but no matter which version the DJ pulls out in your club, you can be sure it'll be served with a heavy dose of bass and enough beats to keep you going all night long.

Rating: 4/5