Agnes - On & On (AATW)

Jessica Pinkett | Thursday, 08 April 2010

Agnes - On & On (AATW)

After winning 2005's Idol competition in her home country of Sweden, Agnes Carlsson was launched as an R 'n' B balladeer akin to our own Leona Lewis.

A few years later, Agnes parted from her record label citing "creative differences", and returned with a brand new disco-pop direction. It turned out to be a very good move, as her single 'Release Me' became one of 2009's biggest dancefloor hits. The song made Agnes' name all over Europe and even scored her a number one in the US dance chart.

Agnes followed up her smash hit with the disappointingly bland 'I Need You Now', but luckily she's back on top form with her new single 'On & On'. Like 'Release Me', it's a catchy, upbeat number which is made all the more anthemic by Agnes' belting diva vocals.

Its slightly more European sound means that 'On & On' may not connect with British dance music fans as well as 'Release Me', but with an early May release it's perfectly timed to get us all in the mood for a summer of sun. And you never know, it could happen!

Rating: 4/5