Arctic Monkeys - My Propeller (Domino)

Steven Storrie | Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Arctic Monkeys - My Propeller (Domino)

An ominous, heavy rumbling that has darkness at its heart starts 'My Propeller', before slowing and lurching with menace. It sounds like a distant cousin of 'Do Me A Favour', the standout track from the band's previous album Favourite Worst Nightmare, only there is something much more sinister at work.

"If you can summon the strength, tow me" is the opening line, almost mumbled by a bereft Alex Turner as opposed to sung, cast as a hopelessly obsessed stalker with rapidly failing stability. This is not 'I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor'. It is here that the presence of producer Josh Homme can be felt. There's a heavy intensity and an imposing mood that wasn't there before. The song is noticeably more muscular, and better for it.

Turner claims "It's a necessary evil, no cause for emergency" as the brooding tune continues. Suddenly, like a sputtering propeller, the song shudders to a halt. Then the best bit arrives. The drums pound and a demonic, finally cracked Turner sings "My propeller won't spin and I can't get it started on my own; when are you arriving?"

Turner somehow makes it sound like an order rather than a question as a noise like a whirring ghost train brings the song to a close, for good this time. Much has been made of the band's change of direction, and that previous single 'Cornerstone' is the new album's highlight. In truth that song could have slotted comfortably onto the last album but 'My Propeller' is the sound of the new. And it works. Go on, give it another spin.

Rating: 4/5