Biffy Clyro - Bubbles (14th Floor Records)

Rachel Gardner | Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Biffy Clyro - Bubbles (14th Floor Records)

'Bubbles' starts with a bounding guitar, setting the tone for a joyous summer track. It's no surprise that critics call them the Scottish Foo Fighters - they have the same raw power and emotive guitar rifts whilst retaining an originality that makes them instantly recognisable.

The three band members contribute to vocals, giving the track a fullness and extra dimension on the chorus. It just begs you to sing along and tap your feet. Lead vocalist Simon Neil has a classic rock voice, yet he retains an air of accessibility, which is less gruff and silently seductive.

The track effortlessly switches from all-out, shake the window panes rock, into power pop with awesome melodies and heart attack drums. A less talented band could have ruined 'Bubbles' by making it over the top cheese, but luckily Biffy Clyro have remained true to their rock roots and delivered a real gem here. For a three-piece band they make a huge sound and comparing them to Foo Fighters doesn't do them justice.

The only negative is that the single version ends too abruptly, verse, prechorus then chorus, all repeated is just not enough. The album version however has one of the best endings to a song in recent years, a controlled musical melt down comes to mind. For people buying the album they will surely not be disappointed. 

Rating: 5/5