Black Box Revelation - Live at The AB

Steven Storrie | Friday, 05 September 2008

Black Box Revelation - Live at The AB

Opening on menacing drums, this live version of the song by Belgian duo Black Box Revelation moves along like a panther stalking the city's sidewalks. Utilising jagged guitars and driven throughout by those pounding drums, they tell us a "story about Lucy", periodically puncturing the fuzzy rock guitar with crystal clear blues licks that have the crowd cheering, before nose-diving back into that blistering, swaggering riff.

Lucy, you see, has just gotten out of prison and is trying to lose her Gravity Blues. Some startling imagery abounds as they ask: "Are you sure this is what you want?/You're trying to feel like a weightless flying snow flake/Floating through the trees."

At the end of the second chorus, there's a punishing, brilliant noise like a chainsaw that bleeds into a frenzied guitar attack as we shuffle one more time into the chorus and the snowflake lyric. The song simply oozes cool. It sounds Americanised, like Black Rebel Motorcycle Club cut loose and in a good mood. The noise the two men make is as riotous as the White Stripes at their loudest, and you wonder how they're making it happen.

The live performance loses none of the muscle from the recorded version. In fact, it almost sounds even mightier in its confidence. It's a catchy song that nags at you. You feel you already know it as though it had been nestled in your record collection for years. If it isn’t residing there in the next few days, you're missing out.

Rating: 4/5