Delphic - Counterpoint (R&S Records)

Elliott Lewis-George | Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Delphic - Counterpoint (R&S Records)

To be Delphic means to be ambiguous – which we all know is not too much of a bad state to be in with regards to musical style. Being hard to pin-down is often the ultimate accolade for contemporary bands, allowing them to deliver fresh and inspired material. If this is definition is to be believed then Mancunian electro-indie outfit Delphic truly deserve their title.

It is with Delphic's debut track 'Counterpoint', taken from their current Acolyte LP, that the style of this robust three-piece resounds. Originally released in April of last year, the track encapsulates all that is worthy with regards to synth heavy Indie-Pop.

Through combining dream-like melody with the hazily sighed vocals of bassist James Cook, 'Counterpoint' creates a sound that would make for perfect headphone listening. However, with various remixes drifting through the Internet from the likes of Paul Woolford and Doorly, Delphic prove just how adaptable their sound can be.

The real downside of 'Counterpoint' and Delphic's music in general is that there are, unfortunately, bands who have mastered the ability to merge genres with a lot more mainstream success. Take Friendly Fires for instance.

It would be too easy to compare Delphic's sound to that of their Hacienda forefathers purely because they are from Manchester and create an electronic sound. It would also be a slightly undeserved comparison, as the question of whether Delphic's music will truly stand the test of time is yet to be answered.

Rating: 3/5