Dinosaur Jr - Pieces (Jagjaguwar)

Rebecca Ryder | Thursday, 27 August 2009

Dinosaur Jr - Pieces (Jagjaguwar)

Dinosaur Jr are known to have been highly influential in the alternative rock movement of the 1990s, with the accolade of being able to cite Kurt Cobain as one of their biggest fans. Their formula continues to do the trick with 'Pieces', via lots of volume, lots of feedback, and great guitar solos.

The hefty intro demonstrates perfectly how said guitar solos should be done, with J Mascis doing a typically awesome turn and showing why he is often regarded among the finest electric guitar players of our time.

His gravelly vocals add the kind of rock and roll maturity that would make the likes of Alex Turner et al sit and listen with their arms folded and fingers on lips. Nevertheless, his voice is still stunning enough to be able to convey the emotion of their music.

'Pieces' is melodic and truly beautiful; it's powerful enough to command the attention of thousands of screaming fans at stadium gigs. The reliably brilliant instrumentation is all-commanding, as is the rousing electric guitar of Mascis and vigorous bass of Lou Barlow coupled with the vigorous drumming of Emmett Murphy.

A tale of troubled love, 'Pieces' probably wouldn't proclaim to demonstrate the greatest songwriting of all time, but the melody is memorable enough to make it a future anthem. For the most part, the guys wisely keep the emphasis on what they do best - an impressive command of their instruments.

Rating: 3/5