Eugene & The Lizards - Bugjuice / I Want Action (Domino)

Gary O'Sullivan | Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Eugene & The Lizards - Bugjuice / I Want Action (Domino)

Having graduated from Paul McCartney's music academy and with two critically acclaimed albums under his belt, the darling of Camden is back with a new single set to eject him from his seat of laurels and back onto the music scene.

The title track, 'Bugjuice', sounds like something Quentin Tarantino would play on his treadmill, bounding along with a pacey drumbeat and semi-hollow electric guitars. Between verses there is a disjointed section that hearkens to The Horrors, but provides a welcome injection of energy to the song, to good effect.

Eugene seems less concerned with hitting the falsetto notes as on earlier efforts, boasting a more languid style on this track with reminders of Morrissey in its best parts. The lyrics, "they're spilling Frappuccinos in the retroverse," are a particular highlight.

'I Want Action' couldn't be any more different, like a ray of sunshine breaking through the overcast mood of 'Bugjuice'. This track sounds like more of a collaborative effort, with Eugene's voice playing up and down melodic scales and the other instruments eagerly joining the party, displaying a coherence that leaves little room for individual ego.

The strongest criticism one could have is that it comes across a little twee, undermining the depths of the lyrics and thoughtfulness of its arrangement with a whimsical tone.

In short, Bug Juice / Action is a sweet single well worth its digital price-tag and with songs that would go down a treat in a live venue. Better get those fresh laurels ready.

Rating: 4/5