Fight Like Apes - Lightsabre Cocksucker Blues

Steven Storrie | Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Fight Like Apes - Lightsabre Cocksucker Blues

Fight Like Apes has managed to cram plenty into a single that barely scrapes the two minute mark. There's the (no pun intended) Stones-aping title with a Star Wars twist. There's a barrage of frantic noise with singer MayKay's wild vocals sitting on top. There are the lyrics; all nicotine stains, falling apart and admissions of "aching from fucking too much". Nice.

The music drives along relentlessly as MayKay yelps with pleasure, repeatedly asking: "Are you coming/Are you coming?" in a manner that suggests she doesn't really need to hear the answer. Or care what it is. There's a funky little riff going on in there at times which suggests a musical prowess far beyond the Riot Grrl rampage that this song leans ominously towards in its attempt to shock. 

Nevertheless, 'Lightsabre Cocksucker Blues' is still the kind of single these bland times need. It's stuffed with sex and aggression in a way the charts these days just don't reflect. As an 120 second assault on the senses, it does a fine job, but lacks a memorable hook.

"Are you coming?" Fight Like Apes certainly are.

Rating: 3/5