Frank Turner - Try This At Home (Xtra Mile Recordings)

Jessica Grant | Sunday, 12 September 2010

Frank Turner - Try This At Home (Xtra Mile Recordings)

Frank Turner returns to offer more words of wisdom this month with 'Try This At Home'. The single is plucked from his third studio album, 'Poetry of the Deed', a record which landed Turner support slots alongside the likes of The Offspring and Green Day, and garnered the Winchester songwriter a whole new wave of younger fans eager to hear his acoustic sermons.

The music itself is not terrible. A mixture of folk strums and Flogging Molly-esque punk jigs, 'Try This At Home' is surely going to induce toe tapping in the listener. But despite its perky beat, it would be a lie to say Frank's partly spoken, partly sung recitals over hearty melodies aren't becoming a little too familiar three albums in.

Perhaps the most cringe worthy element of 'Try This At Home', is the message which it is trying to convey. Turner appears to take pride in putting down rock stars who "are dicks"; "So tear down the stars now and take up your guitars, come on folks, and try this at home", Turner continues, beckoning wannabees across the country to pick up an acoustic and pump more hopeless songs onto the MySpace music network.

Indeed, Frank's efforts to hail DIY rock music as honest and, more importantly, lacking in "stupid skinny jeans", has a somewhat contrary effect, only coating this DIY ethic and its preachers (ala Turner) with a further sense of naivety.

To conclude, 'Try This At Home' doesn't come across as clever. If anything, the single is somewhat ignorant and embarrassing, as it takes its snipe at genuinely intelligent and imaginative music, something which this single certainly isn't.

Rating: 2/5