Girls - Lust For Life (True Panther Sounds)

Rebecca Ryder | Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Girls - Lust For Life (True Panther Sounds)

'Lust For Life' is an ironic take on its title. Unlike Iggy Pop's more fearless and charged original, which instilled a feel-good sense of self-assurance into its swaggering listeners, this version does not so much concern having a zest for life, as a longing to lead a better one.

The androgynous vocals are in keeping with the theme of being disoriented and aimless, and the Libertines-esque arrangement supports this sense of real wild youth. The track's instrumentation, though, is pretty upbeat with a lively tempo, as though the singer is celebrating being a bit messed up in a rock and roll, throw-caution-to-the-wind, live-for-the-moment kind of way.

In this sense, the song works well as a likeable indie-pop tune, especially with its catchy melody, animated guitar riffs and manageable length of just over two minutes. The drums which kick in halfway through, as well as the castanets which become constant from the opening verse, add density to the song. All in all, it is reminiscent of a Strokes song in a dingy underground club that just compels you to dance amongst the throng of sweaty revellers.

Rating: 4/5