Grum - Can't Shake This Feeling (Glasgow Underground Music)

Elliott Lewis-George | Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Grum - Can't Shake This Feeling (Glasgow Underground Music)

Perhaps one of house music's more consistent sub-genres, the disco sound has always paid homage to its exuberant heritage – hailing back to 1970's New York, and the likes of Donna Summer and Chic. With plethora of producers channeling their creativity into what is currently labeled 'nu disco', Grum aka Graeme Shepherd has managed to earn a worthy reputation as a front-runner in the sounds latest resurgence.

The 24-year old Scotsman has managed to propel through the blogosphere and onto the playlists of many a mainstream radio jockey with a series of releases taken from his debut album, 'Heartbeats', which was released earlier this year. It was with the album's devastatingly brilliant title track that Grum truly set hearts racing at the prospect that we may have a Daft Punk comparable.

Sadly, Grum's follow-up single 'Can't Shake This Feeling', also released earlier this year fails as a follow up to its predecessor. Whilst the track showcases the producer's talent at emulating the disco created by his forefathers, there's nothing new and exciting that emerges from the French-pop sounding beats and vocals that would have suited an 80's Miss Minogue.

On the whole, whilst this track is harmless in its recreation of a sound many other European producers such as Aeroplane (sic), Breakbot and Lindstrøm have mastered, you're left feeling that perhaps 'Can't Shake This Feeling' doesn't do Grum a great deal of justice.

There's some solace to be found in the accompanying remixes, particularly those from Aston Shuffle and DCUP but, honestly, there's nothing truly special here either, which is a shame but let's not 'Hang The DJ' just yet... 

Rating: 2/5