Herve - Blaze It (Cheap Thrills)

Tess Askew | Thursday, 17 June 2010

Herve - Blaze It (Cheap Thrills)

You'd be forgiven for thinking that Herve's new tune 'Blaze It' is from the early nineties. Had it been produced and released in that era, then it most likely would have gone unnoticed due to the sheer volume of similar tunes being released. Skip to 2010 and dance music is celebrating its roots – rave breakbeats have seen a massive resurgence and this is Herve's take on the sound.

His past productions have definitely been within this vein of dance, but this is the most outright reverence to the rave past that he is evidently so fond of. Playing like a song from the Prodigy's first album, Herve manages to provide a slickly produced track which hits all the right spots. Kids will love it because it sounds new and exciting, and the slightly older music lover will be into it because of all the feelings it evokes from the time where music like this was filling charts, dance floors and after parties alike.

Herve is sometimes guilty of producing 'silly' tracks, some almost at novelty standard, but on 'Blaze It,' it sounds like he knows exactly what he wants and he's serving it straight up. His bass flows smooth and constant, there's just enough fidget to make it interesting, and the melody is flawlessly appealing. Overall, it's a very satisfying listen, slick, direct and up-beat.

This is a knowing nod to old school rave. In fact it's something of a homage, a good one nonetheless. Homages are good. In small quantities.

Rating: 4/5