I Blame Coco - Caesar (Island Records)

Tess Askew | Tuesday, 15 June 2010

I Blame Coco - Caesar (Island Records)

Coco Sumner, better known as I Blame Coco, is very well connected; she's Sting's daughter and affiliated with a whole host of bands and celebrities. Sometimes too much can be said of the surrounding people and connections of an artist, and in this case that may well be true. You can't blame the girl for using her connections to get ahead and to be heard. So rather than talk about this girl's pals, parents and other associations, let's just talk about this track.

The first thing you notice is her voice; it's rough, grainy and somehow beautiful. Her lyrics are true, upfront and full of fight in this release. The track is definitely a grower, give it three listens before you decide whether you want to continue listening or not. Production is sparse, but effective and Robyn's sweet sounding backing vocals provide the perfect accompaniment to Coco's; though it has to be said that without Robyn's input, the single may not be so appealing.

By all accounts, this girl delivers when she performs live. She's been supporting La Roux recently, and this pairing certainly shows the direction and status that I Blame Coco's career path could follow.

Rating: 4/5 (Because of Robyn's input!)