Keane - The Lovers Are Losing (Island)

Lisa Norman | Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Keane - The Lovers Are Losing (Island)

Taken from their studio album Perfect Symmetry, the English piano-rockers have promised fans something new. With an amazing back catalogue of over 8 million sales from their previous offerings, BRIT awards and a mass of hit singles, this lot have plenty to live up to.

Since depressing fans with their debut album and lifting spirits with the second, the group have taken a shot at a new sound. But what’s different? Not much. It’s true this group has been shoved in the same generic category as Coldplay and the like but unfortunately, this does nothing to get them out of that rut.

It’s still the same piano-led tune that we're used to; catchy it is but original it's not. It's good to see a band widening their eyes to today’s music culture and attempting to embrace it – though the change isn’t enormous, it’s enough to see a marked difference.

With an electro 80s vibe, it's a step back in time but also a step in the right direction. Lead Tom Chaplin keeps his chilled out vocal while other band members do their usual thing.

It’s upbeat, catchy and foot-tappingly good. What more could us avid music listeners want? It seems Keane will dominate the radio airwaves yet again this autumn. Welcome back boys!

Rating: 4/5