Kele - Tenderoni (Wicha/Polydor)

Daniel Harris | Wednesday, 09 June 2010

Kele - Tenderoni (Wicha/Polydor)

Few can be surprised with the musical direction of this, Kele Okereke, first solo single. With his band Bloc Party's gradual flirtation with dance culture increasing over their three albums, out and out dance music seems a natural progression.

What is a surprise is the speed in which Kele is releasing this material. Bloc Party only finished touring their last album Intimacy in October and with a solo single, album and tour already on the horizon, it suggests a real passion, drive and thirst for his art.

'Tenderoni' flirts with a younger audience not only in name (a Tenderoni is a younger love interest), but also with content and style. Over a synth line not dissimilar to that used on Wiley's brilliant 'Wearing My Rolex', Kele voices concerns for his beau hanging with rude boys, having murderous thoughts and pulling away when they kiss. Kele then responds to his lover's call to toughen up by unleashing a chorus so infectious and euphoric that remaining motionless is nigh on impossible.

In many cases a dance single can appear lost when removed from its natural habitat of a club. Listening to 'Tenderoni' has quite the opposite effect; the chorus evokes rose tinted memories of strobe lit hands in the air of the club in your mind.

Rating: 5/5