Lee Ryan - Secret Love (Polydor)

Daniel Harris | Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Lee Ryan - Secret Love (Polydor)

'Secret Love' is the third installment in Lee Ryan's 'Love Trilogy'. This is an unofficial moniker, created by this very website, to rationalise his previous two singles; 'Real Love' and 'Reinforced Love'. A wider vocabulary range is the obvious requirement here.

The big surprise is that Lee Ryan has gone EuroPop. Which begs the question, who will buy it? Blue fans will have grown and perhaps be in the market for something more mature when in the supermarket music section, like Ronan Keating.

It's not even good EuroPop, even Basshunter might wince at the synthbass effects used here. These effects make it sound like an electric fan was placed between Ryan and his microphone, or that he was violently vibrated as he sang about his secret love.

With the first installment of this 'Love Trilogy' only being released in Germany, and the second only charting at 101, the only glimmer of hope that this single gives is that this trilogy remains as so and does not become an opus.

Rating: 1/5