Lily Allen - Who'd Have Known (EMI Records)

Lisa Norman | Wednesday, 09 December 2009

Lily Allen - Who'd Have Known (EMI Records)

Straight off the latest album 'It's Not Me It's You' comes the newest single 'Who'd Have Known'. Not a far cry from the usual Lily Allen style we've all come to know, this track steals it's catchy chorus from Take That's hit single 'Shine'.

Slightly slower than more recent offerings, it's an electro fuelled beat packing more attitude than a chav on the back of a bus! Never fear Thatter's, the boys have received writing credits on this track and they did clear it before it was released on the album.

Lyrically it's about the awkwardness of a new relationship and though it lacks the humour of past single 'Not Fair'; it's warm, inviting and damn good! With a delicate whisper of a vocal and tinged with the sass and pazazz we've come to know from her, if this truly is her last single then she will certainly go out on a high! Capturing the early progressive stages of being with someone, it's shy, nervous and loveable.

There are few lady Brits who do the pop scene so well, it would be a shame to lose this little star! Her storytelling style is just lovely and with the low key beat in this track it is definately a winner!