The Loose Salute - Why'd We Fight? (Heavenly)

Steven Storrie | Wednesday, 17 September 2008

The Loose Salute - Why'd We Fight? (Heavenly)

This peerless single from the 5-piece sunshine band is a heartbreaking, hopeless affair filled with tragic beauty, one to mark the definite end of a love or an era. Singer Lisa Billson perfectly laments the aftermath of a needless argument.

Opening with a mournful melody, the soft vocal breezes gently in: "Wake up with the cheerful sun in your eyes/And push your morning thoughts from side to side/Another war is over, can't you see?" It's a striking opening image, evoking red eyes and tears at a beach house, similar to the pain of 'Walking in The Sand' by The Shangri-Las and just as good.

As it sweeps into the chorus, the heart strings feel a definite pull as Billson repeatedly wonders: "Why'd we fight?" It's an eerily familiar sentiment. The song then appears to plunge from the edge of a cliff, falling almost out of sight before suddenly rising once again. It seems there are to be no answers and no reconciliation; the two people in question will remain apart.

Brilliantly bookended by the "morning sun" line that opens the saga, the song asks once more, desperately this time: "Why'd we fight?" At that, it sweeps off into its climax, drifting out on the vocal as the sun sets sorrowfully on the horizon. It's a masterful single by a band that have much more where this one came from. Dry your eyes and prepare for the sunrise.

Rating: 5/5