LoveLikeFire – Boredom (Heist or Hit Records)

Jared Lynn | Thursday, 03 September 2009

LoveLikeFire – Boredom (Heist or Hit Records)

The latest single from LoveLikeFire's debut album Tear Ourselves Away is a cocktail of thrashing electric guitars and a rampant drum beat, highlighted by Ann Yu's brilliant vocals, confirming her position as one of rock's leading female singers. Yu has an innocent tenderness about her voice, even when she shrieks and wails at full volume there remains an unmistakable charm drawing you in – she's like a female Morrissey, and that's the highest of compliments.

Aside from Yu's performance, 'Boredom' is a pretty unspectacular showing from LoveLikeFire. It's brash, messy and loud, but that style almost drowns out and ruins Yu's fabulous vocals. Luckily her ability outshines the mash of guitars and drums but it still comes dangerously close to overshadowing the band's best element.

'Boredom' is solid indie pop-rock but we know LoveLikeFire can deliver better. The b-side 'None As White' proves it; it's a slightly softer song which lets Yu showcase her extraordinary range and vocal talents. It's the sort of material that LoveLikeFire should be releasing - tunes which emphasise her vocals rather than the band's thrashing guitars.

There's little to dislike about 'Boredom'. It's not a bad song and it doesn't sound terrible. It's just a shame when a band seems intent on wasting their greatest asset, but luckily Ann Yu rescues this track and makes it a worthwhile listen.

Rating: 3/5