Miles Kane - Come Closer (Columbia)

Jessica Grant | Monday, 21 February 2011

Miles Kane - Come Closer (Columbia)

From the underwhelming indie swagger of The Rascals, in 2008, Miles Kane landed himself in the hot success that was Scott Walker 60s grandiose side-project, The Last Shadow Puppets, formed alongside Alex Turner of Arctic Monkeys. It was via this nifty duo that Miles Kane was finally served a taste of success - a taste his counterpart Puppet was already far used to.

Alas, it is not wrong to speculate it was this experience that lead Kane to ultimately depart from his overshadowed Rascals, instead choosing to use  his new found success to kick start a solo career.

'Come Closer', Kane's new single and follow up to the juvenile swagger of 'Inhaler', sees him continue the somewhat lad-rock fa├žade he appears to have adopted. No twee acoustics or orchestral arrangements await you here, Puppet fans. However, the 60s influences remain, just passed through a 90s Brit Pop membrane.

Despite the beer scented Gallagher saunter (Oasis are a clear influence - Noel sings on Miles' upcoming debut, while Liam has offered Kane a support slot on Beady Eye's forthcoming tour), 'Come Closer' crawls along with an undoubtedly irresistible garage rhythm that hooks around the primitive beat within us all. A slicing solo and a crescendo chorus of "aaa-aah, woooah-oah-oah, aaa-aah-aaaah", the track will have you yelping even if you begrudge such mindless macho rock.

Rating: 3/5