Mirrorkicks - Anything (Fruit Pie Music Records)

Steph Cosway | Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Mirrorkicks - Anything (Fruit Pie Music Records)

You might remember Mirrorkicks from their first single, the promising indie revolution that was 'Turning Up'. Or if you have heard of the East London band it's more likely you saw the Youtube video of Mirrorkicks cavorting around with some scantily-clad cheerleaders during a surprisingly interesting cover of X Factor winner Leona Lewis' hit single, 'Bleeding Love'.

Trouble is that it's not very grabbing. 'Anything' is one of those tricky beasts. The lyrics aren't ridiculous - hell they're rather nice; the singer has a pretty voice and even the music alludes to something quite funky. It just lacks a certain je ne sais quoi that would escalate the single out of 'okay' and into the realms of 'bloody good'.

'Anything' has yet to master being accessible enough to make itself a sure fire hit. No matter how much you want to love this track it's just not catchy enough to leave any lasting impression. We still hold out hope for the album.

Rating: 2/5