Parachute - Mess I Made (Mercury Records)

Steph Cosway | Saturday, 01 May 2010

Parachute - Mess I Made (Mercury Records)

'The Mess I Made' is one of those annoyingly heart-wrenching songs that twists and pokes around your brain until it finds a suitably heart-broken memory to tangle itself in. This beautifully depressing track is what you might call a blessing and a curse. Sure, it might take you to a not-so-nice place but for this song, heck, it might just be worth it.

'Mess I Made' explores the regret of not fighting your ground when someone breaks up with you; the feeling of constantly re-playing the moment back and forth in your head is its mood, imagining what you could have done to create a different outcome. This is pop music grown up. The kind of music those Westlife boys want to make when they stick on their shiny suits and destroy other people's creative works. Parachute create melodic pop for adults, effortlessly, in a pair of jeans.

Will Anderson has one of those voices that just speaks to you. Think Danny O'Donoghue (The Script) or Ryan Tedder (One Republic). Anderson's vocals are soft and pretty entwining with the music and lyrics of this song, making for something almost perfect.

Rating: 4/5