Plastiscines - Barcelona (NYLON)

Steven Storrie | Sunday, 15 November 2009

Plastiscines - Barcelona (NYLON)

Amidst all the crushingly dull indie bands clogging the airwaves lately, it's easy to forget that rock and roll was meant to be dangerous, sexy and fun. Enter Plastiscines, a French girl group with guitars and more charisma in one chord than all the dour expressions of those indie miserablists.

Firstly, yes, they look amazing. But rock bands are supposed to - at least, the good ones. Their debut single 'Barcelona' is a towering pop record in the grandest tradition. It comes swerving into life and explodes straight away into thumping drums and crunching guitars with slightly shouty female vocal. So far, so Riot Grrrl. But then something special happens.

The chorus' brilliant pop hook sets them apart from a million imitators. It comes almost out of nowhere on the back of a "Let's go!" from singer Katty Besnard, swiftly followed by: "Let's get down in Barcelona/I like romancing, but I don't wanna..."

Complete with dreamy backing vocals, the tune is made for shimmying to under shimmering lights. It's like The Ronettes with razor blades. It builds to a rousing finish with a repeated "falling down...touch the ground...going mad...not too bad!" and one more heavenly chorus before it comes to a close, leaving you wanting more.

Rating: 5/5