Plastiscines - Bitch (NYLON)

Steven Storrie | Sunday, 21 February 2010

Plastiscines - Bitch (NYLON)

Starting with a meaner version of the 'My Sharona' beat and replete with handclaps, this is the new single from the French punk teens that are dripping in cool and glamour and all set on exporting a new wave of bubblegum punk. It's practically tailor made to accompany a scene in Gossip Girl or The OC and is worthy for its opening line alone.

"I'm a Bitch when I brush my teeth..." singer Katty Besnard proclaims breathlessly. The handclap beats continue into the first verse as a wailing guitar sounds, followed by heavier ones that crash into the chorus.

What follows is much of the same, and it's hard to ignore the sexiness of the a-cappella vocal towards the end of the track. This song could probably have done with a bridge or being a little shorter as the "BITCH" joke wears thin and leaves it sounding less accomplished than the band's previous single 'Barcelona'.

Bitch is a toe-tapper, and gets better with repeated listens. Before long you're professing your own bitchiness to the catchy tune. This is punk that isn't likely to rock republics or a monarchy, but it is perfect for cool looking teens to dance about to in their bedrooms while reaching for the hairspray, and in these dull days of poe-faced indie blandness, that's a good start.

Rating: 3.5/5