Beyonce-Videophone (Sony)

Rebecca Ryder | Saturday, 16 January 2010

Beyonce-Videophone (Sony)

Is there no end to the hits being turned out by Beyonce's double I Am...Sasha Fierce album? Seems not, as the latest single from the latter side proves to be another earworm full of attitude.

The lyrics are full of snappy urban colloquialism and tell of the delights of modern technology, as Miss Knowles invites the listener to "watch me on your videophone." No-one could argue that it isn't intended to be fully empowering to women, which strikes a good contrast between some of the more vulnerable and sentimental fare on the 'I Am' side of the album.
The Beyonce marketing machine will see keeping this balance as highly important because, with all the influence she has over 90 percent of the world's teenage girls, she must of course show that women are not to be messed with (girlfriend).

The video features a genius collaboration between the bootylicious one and that other mega-mouthed pop goddess, Lady Gaga. The two ladies reigning supreme in their industry are together a force to be reckoned with.

They writhe around in matching white spandex as they sing about being filmed writhing some more, and tell their suitor "I'm 'a put you in my movie if you think you can handle." An irresistible offer indeed. Their combined voices are a veritable whirlwind of vocal power.

The relentless cymbal, synthesised riff and constant finger-clicking give a layered sound and the feeling of a group dynamic, so that it is guaranteed to be a dance-floor favourite.

Rating: 3/5