Sunday Girl - Stop Hey (Polydor)

Tess Askew | Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Sunday Girl - Stop Hey (Polydor)

This is Jade Williams a.k.a Sunday Girl's third single 'Stop Hey' and is one that seems to leave the listener completely hungry for her imminent album. She's been around for a while, building her fanbase and playing all over the world. Williams has also worked with and been remixed by a raft of interesting producers such as Martin Solveig, Diplo and Rusko.

This track is stylish, as is Jade herself – she's graced the pages of many fashion magazines in the past few months and even her blog oozes cool. Her raspy and cute voice is matched perfectly with a big retro electro pop sound. Tight production matched with Sunday Girl's simple yet effective lyrics and catchy melodies makes for a good listen.

After listening to her lastest offering you may think that her name is in homage to Blondie, whom it seems she takes a lot of reference and inspiration from. Not so, it turns out colleagues at the Pet Store where she worked at the weekend didn't know her name, and so Sunday Girl was born.

Her story reads like a script from a cheesy Hollywood movie; so shy that she couldn't sing infront of even her mum, who had to listen to her through her bedroom door. When she was 17 she attended a hypnotist to cure this fear, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Rating: 3/5