The Drums - Best Friend (Island Records)

Natalie Salvo | Saturday, 01 May 2010

The Drums - Best Friend (Island Records)

Move over Justin Bieber because it seems there is a new artist (or technically, a group) that produces twee bubblegum pop and they are known as The Drums. In lesser hands this would be one major deterrent but instead these guys produce sunny and playful indie pop for the coolest of kids.

The quartet from Brooklyn, New York, first broke onto the scene with the Summertime! EP and the song, 'Let's Go Surfing,' one cheery tome about sun and sand. The boys have a debut album due out in June and the first single from this, 'Best Friend', is not far removed from the former track.

The group takes the youth and vitality of Vampire Weekend, adds a dash of American cool made famous by The Strokes and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and the beat from great eighties pop, to provide a musical foundation. Next they offer their own sweet harmonies and a cheeky outlook on things. The result is a catchy and energetic number designed to get you bopping along in the sunshine under a clear blue sky.

While good weather is not included in the cover price, this is one summer anthem best served hot.

Rating: 4/5