The Fall - Bury (Domino)

Natalie Salvo | Sunday, 11 April 2010

The Fall - Bury (Domino)

Another day, another line-up for The Fall. The Mancurian group led by the inimitable poet/godfather/legend, Mark E. Smith, are back with no less than studio album 28 titled, Your Future Our Clutter and the lead single, 'Bury'.

There's no denying that this song has the perfect name for detractors that would want to –ahem – "bury it" but that would be a great loss indeed. Because it seems that Mr. Totally Wired is angry and still has that fire in his belly to unashamedly say what he likes and write a damn good song in the process.

In so doing, Smith remains poised to join ranks with Bob Dylan and Neil Young in terms of being prolific and poetic. Then again, some people would think it sacrilegious to even mention the two elder statesmen in the same sentence as this post-punk musician, despite his acknowledged position as spokesperson for the eighties and beyond.

Beginning with some static like it's forcing its way out of an old, wireless radio, 'Bury' is one rocking little ditty. It also sees Smith boasting, "I'm on, I'm on" to his anointed disciples. It's all filth and fury, as Smith is like the General steering his battalion to a bloody but ultimately rewarding frontier. In all, it seems that this musical war is far from being over.

Rating: 4/5