Trail - Killing Sun (Trail Music)

Laura Bruneau | Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Trail - Killing Sun (Trail Music)

Over the last year Trail seem to have adopted a darker nuance that fits their sound better than the pop-fuelled grating of earlier singles, such as last year's 'Prism'. Though still unbearably repetitive in places, 'Killing Sun' has far more engaging verses. In a cultural market where vampires have become cute, cuddly beasts, this single reminds us of the days when vampires were still dark, brooding and sadistic.

Kudos must be given for their ability to grow and develop their sound in order to take root in an increasingly disposable industry. Despite relying on set pieces and clichés too heavily, the intro to 'Killing Sun' reeks of 'Stairway to Heaven', Trail have the potential to create truly engaging, original music and this single proves that they're moving ever closer towards that goal.

Despite the, at times unbearable, resemblance to 90s era Muse, Trail seem to be coming more into their own with vocals echoing Nightwish style angst. More subtly infused with 90s influences and a groaning melancholy, 'Killing Sun' resembles a gutsier K's Choice with drum led choruses that cut against the drawling verses and the tortured squeal of some, frankly, rather impressive guitar riffs.

Trail's talent in imitating others is obvious, but until they really attempt to combine all these flavours into their own distinctive sound, they will continue to do the world an injustice. We've seen what they can do whilst playing it safe, just imagine what we'd get to listen to if they started taking risks…

Rating: 3.5/5