Trailer Trash Tracy's - Candy Girl (No Pain In Pop)

Steven Storrie | Friday, 18 September 2009

Trailer Trash Tracy's - Candy Girl (No Pain In Pop)

For some inexplicable reason there seems to be a hideous 80s revival going on at the moment. It's suddenly fashionable to rehash all the worst that decade had to offer, in the form of countless rubbish indie bands and several remade movies. Nice, then, to hear something with a nod to the good side of 80s music.

Trailer Trash Tracy's don't have Kevin Shields in their band, but if they did, they'd probably be the best band in the world. 'Candy Girl' makes a beautiful din that is reminiscent of My Bloody Valentine and the work that Shields did so exquisitely on the Lost in Translation soundtrack. But unlike a lot of their contemporaries, there's more to the girls than hitching a ride on the 80s bandwagon.

This single opens with a glorious noise on drums from Dayo James that could have been conjured up by Phil Spector and swiftly proceeds to tug on the heart strings, enveloping you in a warm, melancholic haze, like soft rain on a sticky summer night, only better.

Jimmy Lee's guitar bends and bleeds and makes you fall in love as singer Susanne Aztoria breezes in with a delicious vocal that could whisk you free from all your cares. It's emotive and scenic and everything the scenesters from Shoreditch and Camden could never hope to match. 'Candy Girl' makes you want to cry, in the best possible way. Shoegazing? Gazing at your shoes can be brilliant if your shoes are as amazing as this.

Rating: 4/5