Two Door Cinema Club - You're So Stubborn (Kitsune)

David Spencer | Monday, 02 August 2010

Two Door Cinema Club - You're So Stubborn (Kitsune)

What is it with all these clubs? Bombay Bicycle, Tokyo Police and this lot. In the eighties all you had was a Tom Tom and a Culture Club, and in the nineties just an S Club. Maybe it is the new world of social networking, and naming your band as a club adds to that sense of being part of something for the fans.

Northern Ireland's Two Door Cinema Club were formed a few years ago, with the trio sharing a love of Biffy Clyro. Considering that they are the new commercial radio rock favourites, it is slightly coincidental that this track features references to "pleasing the crowds" and "swarming hoards". Musically though there is no obvious Celtic connection, with 'You're So Stubborn', resembling much of today's jumpy, infectious pop-rock, not the bigger stadium sized noise of Biffy.

The track starts remarkably like last year's irritatingly infectious hit from America's Hockey, 'Song Away'. What follows though isn't quite as annoying, and the rhythmic guitar creates a jaunty spirit and it quickly plays out over three minutes, seemingly encouraging us to have convictions in our feelings.

The lyrical reference to "it's a common thing to be out of line, but it's getting old by the fifteenth time", is a bit close to the knuckle, as you wonder after fifteen listens to this, whether there is anything else to be gained. There's no great reward here in repeated listening.

As an insight into their debut release Tourist History, 'You're So Stubborn' is a pretty good start. Lasting just 32 minutes, the album is full of fizzy pop-rock, mixed with elements of electronica. This track just doesn't dazzle quite enough.

Rating: 3/5