Wave Machines - Punk Spirit (Neapolitan Recordings)

Jared Lynn | Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Wave Machines - Punk Spirit (Neapolitan Recordings)

As their live set closer, 'Punk Spirit' is your typical indie anthem. From its solemn opening, it spirals into a brilliant indie-pop roar, marshalled by pounding drums, zippy guitars and wonderfully weary vocals.

'Punk Spirit' expresses raw subjects; anger, disappointment and loss, yet ironically, the delivery is calm, collected and understated. It's a risky clash of subtle, dark lyrics and a wide-eyed melody, but it works to create an unashamed sense of optimism.

The song has been kept lean; at just under four minutes it leaves you wanting more, avoiding that classic anthem trap of never-ending chanting leading into the dark depths past five minutes. 'Punk Spirit' is timed perfectly and you'll probably be reaching for the rewind button by the end.

Although it offers very little new or original, 'Punk Spirit' is still a great indie anthem. There's a reason why Wave Machines are getting rave reviews, and 'Punk Spirit' only adds fuel to their strong-burning fire. If they can continue delivering catchy, melodic indie-pop like this then Wave Machines have a distinctly bright future ahead of them.

Rating: 3.5/5