Yeasayer - O.N.E (Secretly Canadian)

Elliott Lewis-George | Sunday, 20 June 2010

Yeasayer - O.N.E (Secretly Canadian)

Nowadays, it seems like every artist and group are quickly declared as being defiant of any genre. Every release is supposedly a sound that's just too slippery and untamed to be reigned in and caged together with the sonic attributes of others.

Whilst genre defying is probably nothing more than a buzz word conjured up by PR companies to shift a few more albums or sprinkle an otherwise mundane sound with an element of street credibility, Brooklyn band Yeasayer do well in encapsulating the term with their single, 'O.N.E'.

Taken from their current Odd Blood album, released earlier this year, 'O.N.E' is an up-tempo cocktail of poppy synths and eccentric vocals, similar in sound to the single's predecessor, 'Ambling Alp'.

On one level, with its catchy and repetitive chorus, 'O.N.E' would be a sure fire hit at festivals - perhaps satisfying the ears of those unaware of Yeasayer's other offerings. However, it's with a closer listen to the lyrics (plus a dig around various blogs) that you realise that one half of the band's vocal and keyboard player, Anand Wilder, is actually lamenting around the topic of addiction and, particularly, alcoholism.

Unlike the endearing endeavours of fellow experimental-pop comparables MGMT, this track doesn't look likely to propel Yeasayer into the mainstream. Whether or not this will leave the group disgruntled is debatable, as they're probably happy in the laidback, genre-defying bubble.

Rating: 3/5