Young Rebel Set - Walk On (Our Broadcast)

Steven Storrie | Thursday, 05 November 2009

Young Rebel Set - Walk On (Our Broadcast)

Billy The Kid And The Brothers Barbaylios. Young Rebel Set. What's in a name? Well, nothing, really as the newly monikered mob follow their last single, the superlative 'If I Was' with 'Walk On', a song about a doomed romance that could make you smile even in a dentists waiting room.

It opens with a lilting piano before the first line delivers the toxic warning "wind your neck back in/You got nothing different to say/You contradict yourself so much, darling, that I don't listen anyway." Have that. At that the tune kicks in properly, with a guitar sound stabbing at your ribs and drums like relentless thumps to the head.

Beneath all this are some great guitar parts and amidst all the perfection you stumble to spot the musical nods to the band's seemingly many influences. The bridge steps up a pace and then the chorus swoops in: "So walk on/If that's all you think of me..." Billy hasn't got any time to explain to his departed where it went wrong, and why should he?

That metronomic drum beat pounds away beneath a country flecked sound in the next verse before the chorus gives way to a tight, neat lick of guitar. Imagine if Buffalo Springfield had come from Teesside. How good would that have been? Make no mistake, this is a band with everything going for them, and they deserve to be big. They're the best thing to come out of Stockton since the local swimming baths.

Rating: 4/5