Young Fathers - Automatic/Dancing Mantaray (This Is Music)

Tess Askew | Monday, 23 August 2010

Young Fathers - Automatic/Dancing Mantaray (This Is Music)

Edinburgh trio Young Fathers offer up double A-side 'Automatic/Dancing Mantaray' their latest and most commercial release to date.

The energetic group comprise of Ally, G and Kayus, who met and bonded over music at the age of 14, and have since been gelling and creating. An impressive amount of support slots with Simian Mobile Disco and a number of shows at big festivals this summer (such as T in the Park) matched with some strong radio support and positive press reviews have brought the band to where they are now with their second release from their currently unconfirmed album.

They produce a somewhat blurred concoction of rap/pop/electro, which is upbeat and most certainly energetic, styled to perfection and very now.

'Automatic' starts off electro, then the verse arrives, bringing with it a hip-hop/ dub feel and then the chorus seems to meander off on to another new direction, with no thought or relation to what it's just left behind. This is something that many try but few perfect. There's an element of 8-bit in the chorus but it gets overshadowed by many other sounds, which makes it hard to appreciate. 'Dancing Mantaray' is slightly heavier and certainly slicker than the first, and both tracks are very catchy, but just missing something. It's a shame that these three boys look so slick and collected, but their music struggles to really convey this at times.

Their success to this point suggests that the trio are destined to do well, and considering they are at the start of their career in the larger public domain, let's hope they can hone their sound and perfect exactly what they wish Young Fathers to be.

Rating: 3/5