Skunk Anansie - Because Of You (One Little Indian)

Laura Bruneau | Sunday, 20 September 2009

Skunk Anansie - Because Of You (One Little Indian)

Skin and co have returned to our sound systems after a far too protracted leave of absence and yet, for such a monumentous occasion, they seem to have arrived in the musical equivalent of a BMW instead of a Bugatti Veyron (or at least a stretch limo).

Skin appears to have softened over the years and the growl has left the infamously destructive vocals that dominated much of the 90s. More tender but less pained, there has certainly been growth in her voice but there's a raw edge to the lyrics that seems to be missing from this latest offering.

Familiar guitars and rumbling bass reminds us of the Skunk Anansie we remember in nostalgic admiration. Not quite as powerful as a track like 'Weak' or as raw as 'Charlie Big Potato', this comeback single lacks that defining spark to mark it out as a classic. Somewhere between Nightwish and a techno version of Bjork, 'Because Of You' is just that little too much on the whiney side of repetition and wails.

Case in point is the first remix which, at just over nine minutes long, is unreasonably drawn out and adds little to the original apart from an annoying high hat beat. However, the second dubstep remix kicks that high hat into place and adds some wobble to create a blissed out tune to keep dancefloors everywhere shaking throughout the cold winter months.

Rating: 3.5/5